RhodeCode 1.2.2 Released !

Posted on October 17th, 2011 by marcink

I'm happy to announce the release of RhodeCode 1.2.2 !

Downloads at: http://pypi.python.org/pypi#downloads Demo at: http://demo.rhodecode.org Sources at: https://secure.rhodecode.org

This release introduces new feature which is access to repository groups by urls. Other than that it solves a lot of windows issues, as well as reported issues with repository groups,installation and time problems of commits.

Here is the full changelog for this release


  • #226 repo groups are available by path instead of numerical id


  • #259 Groups with the same name but with different parent group
  • #260 Put repo in group, then move group to another group -> repo becomes unavailable
  • #258 RhodeCode 1.2 assumes egg folder is writable (lockfiles problems)
  • #265 ldap save fails sometimes on converting attributes to booleans, added getter and setter into model that will prevent from this on db model level
  • fixed problems with timestamps issues #251 and #213
  • fixes #266 Rhodecode allows to create repo with the same name and in the same parent as group
  • fixes #245 Rescan of the repositories on Windows
  • fixes #248 cannot edit repos inside a group on windows
  • fixes #219 forking problems on windows

About RhodeCode

RhodeCode is a Pylons framework based Mercurial repository browser/management tool with a built in push/pull server and full text search. It works on http/https and has a built in permission/authentication system with the ability to authenticate via LDAP or AD.

RhodeCode is similar in some respects to github or bitbucket_, however RhodeCode can be run as standalone hosted application on your own server. It is open source and donation ware and focuses more on providing a customized, self administered interface for Mercurial(and soon GIT) repositories. RhodeCode is powered by a vcs_ library that Lukasz Balcerzak and I created to handle multiple different version control systems.

Docutils System Messages

System Message: ERROR/3 (, line 44); backlink

Unknown target name: "bitbucket".

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Unknown target name: "vcs".