RhodeCode 1.3.3 Released

Posted on March 3rd, 2012 by marcink

I'm happy to announce the release of RhodeCode 1.3.3 !

Thanks to all who contributed, we're deploying another bugfix release, it fixes some security issue with Git as well fixes p2.5 compatibility issues

Here is the full changelog for this release

1.3.3 (2012-03-02)



  • fixed some python2.5 compatibility issues
  • fixed issues with removed repos was accidentally added as groups, after full rescan of paths
  • fixes #376 Cannot edit user (using container auth)
  • fixes #378 Invalid image urls on changeset screen with proxy-prefix configuration
  • fixed initial sorting of repos inside repo group
  • fixes issue when user tried to resubmit same permission into user/user_groups
  • bumped beaker version that fixes #375 leap error bug
  • fixed raw_changeset for git. It was generated with hg patch headers
  • fixed vcs issue with last_changeset for filenodes
  • fixed missing commit after hook delete
  • fixed #372 issues with git operation detection that caused a security issue for git repos