RhodeCode 1.3.4 Released

Posted on March 29th, 2012 by marcink

This release includes few new functions and several bugfixes. One of the most important on long run is a simple plugin system called rcextensions currently it allows to add some extensions for hooks, and statistics mapping, see documentation for more details. This release also implements better cache support when running many rhodecode instances at once. Adds alternate response codes when authorization fails, and fixes few issues with git See full changelog for details

Here is the full changelog for this release

1.3.4 (2012-03-28)


  • Whoosh logging is now controlled by the .ini files logging setup
  • added clone-url into edit form on /settings page
  • added help text into repo add/edit forms
  • created rcextensions module with additional mappings (ref #322) and post push/pull/create repo hooks callbacks
  • implemented #377 Users view for his own permissions on account page
  • #399 added inheritance of permissions for users group on repos groups
  • #401 repository group is automatically pre-selected when adding repos inside a repository group
  • added alternative HTTP 403 response when client failed to authenticate. Helps solving issues with Mercurial and LDAP
  • #402 removed group prefix from repository name when listing repositories inside a group
  • added gravatars into permission view and permissions autocomplete
  • #347 when running multiple RhodeCode instances, properly invalidates cache for all registered servers


  • fixed #390 cache invalidation problems on repos inside group
  • fixed #385 clone by ID url was loosing proxy prefix in URL
  • fixed some unicode problems with waitress
  • fixed issue with escaping < and > in changeset commits
  • fixed error occurring during recursive group creation in API create_repo function
  • fixed #393 py2.5 fixes for routes url generator
  • fixed #397 Private repository groups shows up before login
  • fixed #396 fixed problems with revoking users in nested groups
  • fixed mysql unicode issues + specified InnoDB as default engine with utf8 charset
  • #406 trim long branch/tag names in changelog to not break UI