RhodeCode 1.2.3 Released !

Posted on November 2nd, 2011 by marcink

I'm happy to announce the release of RhodeCode 1.2.3 !

Downloads at: http://pypi.python.org/pypi#downloads

Demo at: http://demo.rhodecode.org

This is a scheduled bugfix release. Fixing found bugs from previous release. In addition we extended set of API methods with few usefull ones. Enjoy !

Here is the full changelog for this release


  • added option to manage repos group for non admin users
  • added following API methods for get_users, create_user, get_users_groups, get_users_group, create_users_group, add_user_to_users_groups, get_repos, get_repo, create_repo, add_user_to_repo
  • implements #237 added password confirmation for my account and admin edit user.
  • implements #291 email notification for global events are now sent to all administrator users, and global config email.


  • added option for passing auth method for smtp mailer
  • #276 issue with adding a single user with id>10 to usergroups
  • #277 fixes windows LDAP settings in which missing values breaks the ldap auth
  • #288 fixes managing of repos in a group for non admin user