RhodeCode 1.2.5 Released !

Posted on January 28th, 2012 by marcink

I'm happy to announce the release of RhodeCode 1.2.5!

Downloads at: http://pypi.python.org/pypi#downloads Demo at: http://demo.rhodecode.org

This is a regular bugfix relase of RhodeCode. Windows users should absolutly upgrade since this release reverts Mercurial version to 2.0.1 due to 2.0.2 has a bug that makes forking impossible on windows. More important mysql issues with celery was also fixed on that release.

Here is the full changelog for this release



  • #340 Celery complains about MySQL server gone away, added session cleanup for celery tasks
  • #341 "scanning for repositories in None" log message during Rescan was missing a parameter
  • fixed creating archives with subrepos. Some hooks were triggered during that operation leading to crash.
  • fixed missing email in account page.
  • Reverted Mercurial to 2.0.1 for windows due to bug in Mercurial that makes forking on windows impossible

About RhodeCode

RhodeCode is a Pylons framework based Mercurial repository browser/management tool with a built in push/pull server and full text search. It works on http/https and has a built in permission/authentication system with the ability to authenticate via LDAP or ActiveDirectory. RhodeCode also supports simple API so it's easy integrable with existing systems.

RhodeCode is similar in some respects to github or bitbucket_, however RhodeCode can be run as standalone hosted application on your own server. It is open source and donation ware and focuses more on providing a customized, self administered interface for Mercurial(and soon GIT) repositories. RhodeCode is powered by a vcs_ library that Lukasz Balcerzak and I created to handle multiple different version control systems.

Docutils System Messages

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