RhodeCode 1.3.5 Released

Posted on May 13th, 2012 by marcink

I'm happy to announce the release of RhodeCode 1.3.5!

This release includes few new functions and several bugfixes. By default RhodeCode requires Mercurial 2.2.X. File browser now shows "links" to submodules. See full changelog for details

Here is the full changelog for this release

1.3.5 (2012-05-10)


  • use ext_json for json module
  • unified annotation view with file source view
  • notification improvements, better inbox + css
  • #419 don't strip passwords for login forms, make rhodecode more compatible with LDAP servers
  • Added HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR as another method of extracting IP for pull/push logs. - moved all to base controller
  • #415: Adding comment to changeset causes reload. Comments are now added via ajax and doesn't reload the page
  • #374 LDAP config is discarded when LDAP can't be activated
  • limited push/pull operations are now logged for git in the journal
  • bumped mercurial to 2.2.X series
  • added support for displaying submodules in file-browser
  • #421 added bookmarks in changelog view


  • fixed dev-version marker for stable when served from source codes
  • fixed missing permission checks on show forks page
  • #418 cast to unicode fixes in notification objects
  • #426 fixed mention extracting regex
  • fixed remote-pulling for git remotes remopositories
  • fixed #434: Error when accessing files or changesets of a git repository with submodules
  • fixed issue with empty APIKEYS for users after registration ref. #438
  • fixed issue with getting README files from git repositories